“The Master Plan”

The concept of the album


“The Master Plan” refers to a spiritual concept, according to which everything happening in our lives follows
a sort of divine, mysterious and ungraspable plan, but fundamentally good. In some events that we experience, we can perceive signs implying that this was meant to be. At times the plan seems beautiful to us, at times incomprehensible and spiteful.

Why do we say that? For whether we are right or wrong, whether this is a reality or a fantasy, we believe that this vision can enable us to live a more serene life and comprehend our tribulations with philosophy: even though reality may seem revolting to us, accepting it and having faith in life will always give us more positive perspectives and more strength to change what is wrong and unjust, and fight for a better living, for ourselves and for others.

Are violence, war, hatred, misery, injustice, greed, inequality part of this plan? If so, why? Or is it humans who distort a plan which was originally good? No one knows. But to us, this conception of life can make us not only humbler, but also better equipped to be actors of the change.

This is the main idea of the album and that can be found in most of the songs, whether they deal with our relationship to pain, death, important shocks of our lives or love relationships.


  • Camille Chappuis : Vocals
  • Quentin Chappuis : Vocals and bass
  • Antonin Chatelain : Drums
  • Primo Viviani : Bass
  • Stéphane «Stuf Addis» Lambercy : Bass
  • Mathias Liengme : Piano, organ, wurlitzer, clavinet, solina, keyboards, percussions and kete
  • Roberto Sánchez : Solina and percussions
  • Léo Marin: Riddim guitar
  • Solal Excoffier : Lead guitare
  • Michael Borcard : Saxophone (tenor, alto and baritone) and moog
  • Alexandre Schneiter : Trumpet and backing vocals
  • Anthony Buclin : Trombone
  • Julien Plaza : Backing vocals
  • Jérôme «Jeronimo» Nidegger : Harmonica
  • Raphael Anker : Electronic trumpet


  • Produced by Camille and Quentin Chappuis
  • Lyrics by Quentin and Camille Chappuis
  • Music by Camille and Quentin Chappuis, Mathias Liengme et Michael Borcard
  • Arrangements by Quentin et Camille Chappuis, Alexandre Schneiter, Antonin Chatelain, Mathias Liengme, Michael Borcard, Solal Excoffier and Primo Viviani
  • Recorded by Mathias Liengme at Bridge Studio (Geneva)
  • Overdubs by Quentin Chappuis at I-Twins Studio (Geneva), by François Spreng at Lake Mountain Studio (Vevey) and by Roberto Sánchez at A-Lone Ark Muzik Studio (Spain)
  • Mixed by Roberto Sánchez at A-Lone Ark Muzik Studio (Spain)
  • Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering (Ecosse)
  • Distributed by Fruits Records
  • Illustrations by Jeanne Tara
  • Graphism by Céline Nidegger


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