Musique et paroles: Quentin & Camille Chappuis
Arrangements: Quentin & Camille Chappuis Antonin Chatelain, Mathias Liengme and Solal Excoffier


It was a nice night of June

With little drops of rain

It was a warm night of June

With lightnings in the air


And the cool breeze

Bearing smells of lime trees


We’re standing face to face

I’m looking into your eyes

You’re looking into mine

Your smile makes me weak


What shall I do? Should I kiss you?


It was a cold morning of December

The land covered with snow

It was a bright morning of December

The land drowned in the mist


And everything was still

Not a move, nor a breath


We’re lying face to face

Our voices sound so damp

in this white world

Our hearts beat so strong


Should I be true and tell you I love you?


It was a dry day of August

The land covered with straw

It was a burning day of August

The land slowly dying


There was a crow in the sky

Coming from the left to our sight


We’re sitting face to face

My voice has gone so grave

She feels the truth that is coming

My heart beats so slow


How shall I tell her it’s over?

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