Musique et paroles: Camille & Quentin Chappuis
Arrangements: Camille & Quentin Chappuis, Alexandre Schneiter and Antonin Chatelain


Traduction française


Going for a walk outside

The sun shines bright in the blue sky

The smell of lime trees lingers in the air

Primroses have bloomed everywhere

Birds wooing one another

Nature’s risen from slumber

Sweet sight, sweet smell, sweet melody

Sweet season make me so lively



I’m gonna pick a primrose for my mother

While I’m singing, singing


What a joy to behold this beautiful nature


I know it’s so common

It’s just an ordinary cycle

But like the birth of a new-born

It’s such a miracle

It’s light taking over darkness

It’s life taking over death

It’s the promise of a new start

Renewing our hopes and warming up the heart



I’m gonna listen to the sweet bird singing

And I’m smiling, smiling


I can finally say “here comes the spring”


Happiness is at hand

No need to look for the unreachable

Happiness is at hand

If we can be satisfied with little

Happiness is in an exchange of smiles with a stranger

In the spectacle of nature

It’s when you share all this with your beloved ones

So let us all sing together as one



I’m gonna wander near the still blue waters

Enjoying the morning


I’m gonna watch the majestic swan swimming

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