Modern Slavery

Musique et paroles: Camille & Quentin Chappuis
Arrangements: Camille & Quentin Chappuis, Antonin Chatelain, Mathias Liengme, Michael Borcard and Solal Excoffier


How do you think

You can buy fancy your phone so cheap?

Do you think it’s magic?

I bet you don’t

Is it hypocrisy? Is it stupidity?

You’re anyway far away from reality

Far, far away


Modern slavery

Can’t pretend you don’t see

Modern slaves straining in the shadow

Can’t pretend you don’t know


Now you tell me “it’s so far away

What can I do anyway?”

What can you do?

But oh, your resignation

Your passive position

Make me sick

What a cowardice!


The clothes you wear

The sweets you eat

The phones you buy

Hide the sweat and tears of modern slavery

Don’t act as you’re surprised

Don’t pretend you’re horrified

Because I know it’s easier for you to shut your eyes

Open your eyes!

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