God of Abraham

Musique: Quentin & Camille Chappuis and Mathias Liengme
Paroles: Quentin & Camille Chappuis
Arrangements: Quentin & Camille Chappuis, Antonin Chatelain and Mathias Liengme


What have you done in the name of my Father

God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob

What have you done in the name of the one who is, who was

And ever will be, God Abraham


Abraham followed the commandments of the Almighty

He took his son Isaac to the mountain

He tied him up and started the fire

He took his knife, ready to give his son as holocaust


But God made his hand weak

He tested the faith of his servant

But he would never let the blood

Of the innocent be shed in vain


Simeo and Levi were two sons in the house of Jacob

They left to avenge their sister Dina

They took their sword, they took their anger

And killed the people of their enemies


Jacob told them “my sons

What have you done you fools?

You set war amongst the people

You set war against our host”


You put my pardon to test

How can I bless you anymore?

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