Musique et paroles: Quentin & Camille Chappuis
Arrangements: Quentin & Camille Chappuis, Antonin Chatelain and Mathias Liengme


Poor are those who live too long

Until they feel nothing but pain

Who live until there’s no more light in their eyes

Until there’s no more will in their soul


One day when your work is over

When you have enough of living

One day when you want to longer

To wake up tomorrow morning


I hope you’ll leave this world

Without, without a cry

I hope you’ll leave this world

Smiling at it


Why to live, to live in vain

With an everlasting pain

Your mind lost in a maze

Your body decaying and hurtful


I hope that one day

I’ll sit against a great tree

My bare feet in the soil

My hands in the autumn leaves

Breathe slower and slower

Until my time is over

Close my eyes

A forest as my last vision

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