Musique et paroles: Camille & Quentin Chappuis
Thème de cuivres: Michael Borcard
Arrangements: Camille & Quentin Chappuis, Antonin Chatelain and Mathias Liengme


Traduction française


Deregulating everything

You say “Let markets be free”

But that ain’t no liberty for me

Not for me

Because I don’t care

About being free to consume

I am a citizen, not a consumer


Why should capital be freer than the people?

Why should capitalbe freer than us?

Let the people be free

Free to move and free to live

There is a goddamn alternative!


You think you’re free

Because your life was made easier

Cheaper, sweeter

But that ain’t nothing but an illusion

Behind the smokescreen of economic liberty

Hides the reality of soul slavery


It’s all about trade, money and profit

They say that’s for the people’s benefit

But I don’t buy it!

People are nothing but simple pawns

Down there markets rule over the nations

And the sun never seems to set on the empire

Of multinational corporations


Now we’ve got to resist

I don’t want your so-called freedom

You can keep it

And you can even burn it down

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